We are always looking for highly motivated and dynamic people interested in exploring challenging areas of big data analytics, unsupervised learning, deep-learning, Spatio-temporal data mining, Internet of Things, and Intelligent Transportation, including novel and cutting-edge ML/DL techniques across various real-world applications such as transportation,  autonomous systems,  and healthcare.

If you are interested, you may find the following opportunities at different levels. The successful candidates for any of the following positions may have an opportunity to work and collaborate with the leading researchers from MIT Cambridge, University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Griffith University, Australia etc.

NOTE: I often get several emails for the following positions. If you have sent your application (through email) for any of the following positions and if I did not respond to you within a week, I request you to send a reminder email. If you don't hear from me within a week after the reminder email, this means I have seen your application carefully but did not find it suitable for the advertised positions.

Graduate Research (M.Tech (Research) / PhD)

Students who wish to work with me should apply to Robert Bosch Centre for Cyberphysical Systems (RBCCPS) (each applicant can apply to three departments/centres). Applications are submitted through admissions.iisc.ac.in during March-April and September-October of every year. Admission announcements are made at iisc.ac.in\admissions\

Prospective candidates interested to join my group can contact me with the following information in your email

Postdoctoral Research

I am looking for postdoctoral fellows (two positions) through the Institute of Eminence (IoE) fellowship/Raman Postdoctoral Fellowship/National Postdoctoral Fellowship/Pratikha Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship/DS Kothari Fellowship.

Ph.D. holders (including those who have submitted the thesis) and Postdocs with prior experience in the field of big data analytics, deep learning, unsupervised learning, intelligent transportation are encouraged to apply. Postdocs with excellent profiles are highly encouraged to apply

Research Internships/Assistantships

Candidates currently pursuing their undergraduate degree in engineering (Computer  Science/Electrical/Electronics Engineering) or Applied Mathematics are encouraged to apply.  Please send me an email with the subject title "Application for <position>, <duration>" e.g., Application for Internship, April-August 2022,  with your CV (that includes GPA, past/current projects, programming knowledge) with 1-2 paragraphs mentioning your research interests and how you can contribute to our lab. 

I highly recommend you to apply for INSA Summer Research Fellowship, Focus Area Science Technology  Summer Fellowship (FAST-SF) programs. Applications for both the programs are normally issued in October-November every year.  

You may also explore research opportunities at RBCCPS and CiSTUP website. [Every year in summer and winter]

Project Associates/Research Associate

We have an opening for a Project Associate/Research Associate for a project on “Data-Driven Driving Behaviour Analysis in Indian Traffic Conditions using Driving Simulator”. The project will involve carrying out experiments with multiple driver participants using a driving simulator to study driving behaviour and effectiveness of ADAS in Indian traffic conditions.  This is an in-person position only.

Eligibility Criteria:

(i) Research Associate (I/II/III): Ph.D in EE/ME/ECE/CSE/IT/CE from a recognized university or equivalent. Candidates may also apply if they have submitted their  Ph.D  thesis.

(ii) Project Associate (I/II): M.Tech/M.E./B.Tech/B.E. in EE/ME/ECE/CSE/IT/CE from a recognized university or equivalent. Candidates may only apply if they have completed their bachelor's degree.

Desirable Skills and Experience:

(i) Experience working with ADAS systems and/or driving simulators, designing simulator-based experiments is preferred.

(ii) Demonstrated proficiency in Python is essential.

(iii) Demonstrated proficiency in Data Science and Statistical Analysis is desirable.

(iv) Willingness to learn new skills and software, work with the team, and contribute to various research topics/projects.

If you fulfil the above requirements, please send your CV to me at prathore[at]iisc[dot]ac[dot]in with Subject: “Application for Project Associate/Assistant  for Driving Behaviour Study”.

The successful candidate will also have an opportunity to participate in research activities with my lab. The salary would be as per IISc norms. Initially, the contract will be for one year, however, it may be extended to another year based on the performance and available funds.